Is Sean Hannity Catholic?

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is an influential and popular TV and radio talk show host who claims to be a practicing Catholic. Is he?

I don’t ordinarily weigh in on anything pertaining to politics or criticisms of individual public personalities as Joe Sixpack, as I try to stick to the faith alone. I am indeed exceedingly active in politics for both my state and on the national scene, but under a completely different name. However, there are several things regarding Sean Hannity I simply cannot ignore.

One may ask why I am taking on Hannity in this post, and that would be a valid question to ask. Presumably, most Sixpackers are conservative in their political thought and action. I base this on the comments and emails I get from them. As a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate and a lay evangelist, I am obligated to both defend the faith and
defend souls who are possibly being misled or wrongly influenced. Since Hannity has the second most popular television and radio shows in his genre, and since he is a professed practicing Catholic, and since he is viewed as a man of great authority and celebrity, I must attempt to set the record straight about what Hannity says and does for Sixpackers.

Hannity claims to be angry with the Church for reasons that make little sense, and he seems incredibly ignorant of both the faith and actual events that have occurred in the Church’s recent history. Still, Hannity does indeed claim to be a Catholic, and I’ve seen him on past Ash Wednesdays wear his ashes on his Fox TV show.

The subject of Hannity’s rejection of the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception frequently comes up, and his rejection is scandalous. I give immense credit to a priest Hannity had on the air some time ago, because he told Hannity that he would not give the talk show host Communion in light of his public stand rejecting the Church’s teaching.

Hannity has very arrogantly stated in previous shows that when priests stop molesting children he will then
consider obeying the Church on artificial contraception.


You can’t make deals with God. You can’t say that when someone quits committing sin then you will consider ceasing your own habitual sin. It doesn’t work that way. We are individually accountable for our own actions or inactions. So not only is Hannity’s public rejection of the teaching about artificial contraception scandalous, but it also demonstrates a grave hypocrisy.

Hannity makes the claim that he is pro-life. It is not possible for one to reject the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception and simultaneously claim to be pro-life. Apart from the theological difficulties, which would require a lot of deep discussion that this post can’t accommodate due to space, there is another very telling thing to be mentioned. Presumably, as a popular syndicated talk show host, Hannity is well-informed on the arguments for all things conservative—and life issues are certainly on the conservative agenda. Therefore, Hannity must be a false conservative who places a greater value on license than on liberty. Let me explain.

It is an indisputable fact that all chemical contraceptives, as well as some mechanical contraceptives, are abortifacient. Since the most common contraceptives are chemical, it is safe to assume that is what the Hannitys use. Millions of babies are aborted in the womb from chemical contraceptives, and the mothers have absolutely no idea that they have killed their babies through the use of those contraceptives. Does not realizing you are aborting your child through the use of contraceptives excuse the guilt of the act? No! It is common knowledge that contraceptives are abortifacient, so there is no excuse for not knowing. Furthermore, the mere use of contraceptives violates natural law, logic and right reason—all gifts from God and therefore abused gifts. Finally, until the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930, all of Christendom—every single Christian religion on the planet—condemned artificial contraception as a sin worthy of eternal damnation. Of course, Protestantism often changes its teachings, because it rejects the religion founded by Christ in the first place, but that until 1930 all of them condemned the practice should tell us that man intuitively knows (natural law) that contraception is wrong. And that makes any pro-lifer—Hannity or anyone else—a hypocrite if contraception is being used. So Hannity seems to favor doing as he wants (license) over doing as he ought (liberty).

Hannity has gone on
ad nauseam about the sex abuse scandal. While hosting Protestant ministers on his shows, Hannity has fed into the lie that most priests have a bent for abusing little children. This is, first of all, the mortal sin of scandal.

Scandal is the abuse of any sacred person, place or thing set aside publicly and by the Church’s authority. Priests are sacred persons. To vilify a priest unnecessarily and without foundation is a scandal. This is something the Catholic Hannity seems to do with abandon.

That fact is, less than one percent of priests have been found to have abused minors. There have been far fewer priests guilty of this than Protestant ministers, but Hannity and the media in general seem to always overlook this inconvenient fact. Furthermore, contrary to Hannity’s continued rant that priests have been predators of “small children” (his term), the vast majority of abuse victims were teenage boys, thus demonstrating more of a slant toward homosexuality than pedophilia. And thanks to the hysterical ravings of public personalities like Hannity, there have been a number of priests falsely accused and ruined.

Then there is Hannity’s obvious lap-dog status in his support of Donald Trump for president.

The Church very clearly teaches that we may not vote for an enemy of religion or the common good. Since we cannot know definitively whether a person is an enemy of religion or the common good prior to his election, we can only make decisions based on the evidence that goes to character in public acts and public statements.

In the case of Donald Trump, you’d have to either be completely ignorant of the facts, or you would have to be someone so completely malformed in your soul so as to possess no moral compass altogether to guide you in making decisions based on character in order to assess that Trump is a worthy candidate… much less one that Catholics should vote for.

I realize that most Americans (even the best of Catholics) are lacking knowledge of our Constitution, so it’s difficult to make decisions about candidates’ goodness of character from that perspective. Where Trump is concerned, you can’t tell from one day to the next where he stands. He flip-flops everyday on virtually every issue, and he won’t be specific about any plans or intended programs. However, there is so much public record available on Trump (including his own books) that anyone who does indeed care about making a right moral decision about a candidate can easily find that information. I would suggest
this link to begin, which is a basic compendium of Trump’s public record.

That Hannity, a man with access to all the investigative powers of Fox News at his disposal, can support Trump to the point of becoming his lap-dog is indicative of a man with a very flawed moral compass.

For the record, I have repeatedly attempted to make contact with Sean Hannity about his lack of knowledge about the faith and some of the foolish and downright objectively sinful things he says. I made yet another attempt today. Hannity refuses, though, to reply to any of my attempts to communicate. We shall see what happens with my most recent attempt.

In the mean time, please be very careful about listening to Hannity. He, like his master Trump, has a remarkable ability to appeal to the more base emotions of his listeners. It’s easy to get caught up in his rhetoric, and his particular brand of rhetoric can actually become a near occasion of sin for the Catholic who wants to find his way to heaven.

NB: I believe this is so vitally important that I'm asking you to forward a link to this post to all the Catholics you know.

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