Why You Can Count On What We Believe...Why We Believe It to be Absolutely Orthodox and What Qualifies Joe Sixpack to Teach Our Holy & Ancient Faith

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I’ll be the first to admit that taking on the nom de plume Joe Sixpack seems a bit cheesy, but the idea behind that moniker was to make Joe seem like just another Catholic in the pew. You’ll note that he wears a tie to denote a white collar worker, wears bibbed overalls and carries a pitchfork to denote a blue collar worker, and he has a book to denote virtually any level of education. This makes Joe Sixpack the “every Catholic guy”.

There are two other reasons why I use the name Joe Sixpack. One is, when I was popular in the Catholic writers’ market and on the speaking circuit years ago, I discovered the temptations of pride abounded and placed my soul in jeopardy, so I decided to fade into the background and work anonymously. The other reason is, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke (to whom I am under obedience) has told me to remain anonymous. So please don’t be put off that you will always only know me as Joe Sixpack.

So now to answer the obvious questions about why Joe Sixpack is qualified to teach the faith and how you can know with moral certitude that every issue of What We Believe...Why We Believe It is absolutely orthodox. Well, the answer to those questions is in my bona fides:

  • I’m an adult convert of nearly thirty years who has been studying the faith in all its purity for that entire time.
  • I have been a successful lay evangelist since I was yet a catechumen.
  • I’ve been used by the Holy Spirit to indirectly make thousands of converts, to directly make hundreds of converts, and I have nearly one hundred adult godchildren.
  • I’m a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, founded by Servant of God Fr. John Anthony Hardon and under the direct supervision of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. This is your assurance I’ve been thoroughly educated in the faith and know how to present it with magisterial fidelity.
  • I have a lengthy publishing portfolio with magisterially faithful publications such as Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Communio (co-founded by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger [Benedict XVI]), and This Rock (now called Catholic Answers Magazine), among others.
  • I have a popular catechism in print and on the market under my real name.
  • Joe Sixpack is endorsed by both Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke and EWTN personality and popular mission preacher Fr. William “Bill” Casey of the Fathers of Mercy. (Those endorsements are available by clicking on the respective links.)

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Our parish has had an installation of Joe Six-Pack each week in our bulletin. Reading these inserts is the highlight of my week.
JoAnne B.

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When I first read about the Holy Eucharist in “What We Believe… Why We Believe It”, my heart started racing.
Brandi W.