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I pray that your efforts may draw many souls to Christ through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Mary.
Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln
Bonuses are usually given by merchants to appeal to the basic greed of the buyer—a free this, and extra that. But since the ONLY concern of this apostolate is the eternal destiny of souls, the Joe Sixpack bonuses are directly related to the benefit of souls.

The first bonus is for your parishioners. If you downloaded the samples of What We Believe...Why We Believe It, you noted that at the bottom of each installment is an invitation for readers to visit to find answers to questions or ask questions of their own. That’s a HUGE BONUS you are passing on to your parishioners when you subscribe to What We Believe...Why We Believe It. And believe me when I tell you that they really take me up on the invitation to ask questions. From time to time, I convert those questions and answers to posts on my Joe Answers page. Sometimes people are just answer shopping, hoping I’ll tell them something different from what their priest has told them so they can do what they want rather than as they ought, so those questioners seldom return to the site. But judging from the site analytics and the direct questions Joe Sixpack gets from visitors, this added bonus to your subscription has been of immense benefit to readers of What We Believe...Why We Believe It.

Also on that site are numerous resources for your parishioners. There are
recommendations for books and videos to help them learn more, read about the lives of the saints, grow spiritually, or to simply enjoy some wholesome Catholic entertainment.
I not only catalog every issue of What We Believe...Why We Believe It for future reference, but these inserts motivate me to share my faith with other people.
Larry F.

The second bonus is for you. I’m in the process of developing numerous other resources that can be used by you and/or your parishioners. They cover everything from catechetics to apologetics to evangelization to lay education. Many of these resources will be free, but others will not because of the cost of production (I’m just a poor man who can’t afford all this). However, as a subscriber to What We Believe...Why We Believe It, when I launch a new resource that will have a charge attached to it, you will get a substantial pre-launch discount for a limited time. You will also have a standard discount on everything available if you miss the pre-launch discount, just for being a subscriber to What We Believe...Why We Believe It, but it won’t be quite as substantial.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the new weekly parish bulletin insert ‘What We Believe...Why We Believe It’ written by my friend ‘Joe Sixpack’
Fr. William “Bill” Casey, EWTN personality & Former Superior General of the Fathers of Mercy

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