Joe Sixpack Has Big Plans To Help You Grow Your Parish!

‘Joe Sixpack’ is a veteran catechist with a God-given gift for explaining the truths of the Faith in terms that are clear, unambiguous, doctrinally correct and firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Magisterial teaching.
Fr. William “Bill” Casey, EWTN Personality & Former Superior General of the Fathers of Mercy

Podcast: The Sixpack Revolution

Assuming I can stay on schedule, sometime around the first of the year I’ll be introducing an international podcast called The Sixpack Revolution. Most episodes will include interviews with some of the biggest names in the Catholic Church today. In fact, the inaugural episode will include an interview with Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, recorded from His Eminence’s office in Rome. I’ll be including a lot of other features as well, all for the benefit of both priests and their parishioners. The podcast will be free to all who want to listen to it.

As most of you know, I work absolutely alone. I can’t afford to outsource any of the work I’m doing, so I may not reach my goal of having
The Sixpack Revolution on the air by the first of 2016. Please pray that I’m able to continue this work, both in an effort to stay on schedule and financially.

Video Catechism

Joe Sixpack is going to produce a video catechism course, but it’s not like any course you’ve ever seen. What makes this course so unique is, it will be perfect for RCIA programs, but it can also be used for home study and evangelization. I’ll be teaching the faith in the same evangelistic manner and tenor I’ve used for more than twenty-five years to bring countless souls into the Church. I use humor, stories from the lives of the saints, anecdotal history lessons, and absolute orthodoxy. In all these years, I’ve never once had a student get glassy eyed while I’m teaching. The course will be entertaining and never boring.

Video Apologetics Course

If your parishioners are interested in evangelization, or if they want to know how to defend the faith when people say disparaging things about the Church, then this course is for them. Like the video catechism course, it will be entertaining and fun. It will cover a great deal of Catholic history, but in a very exciting way rather than the boring images we conjure up when thinking about history lessons. You’ll also read a great deal about the early Church Fathers, and get a real strong introduction to Sacred Scripture… most especially the New Testament.

Brochure Series

Some people might call these pamphlets or tracts, but they will simply be in a brochure format. These brochures will cover a host of topics. Those that are catechetical in nature will be written specifically for evangelization. You’ll be able to hand them out to your non-Catholic friends to start a conversion, or to your lapsed Catholic friends as the first step toward bringing them home to Rome.

Catholic Crossword & Word Search Puzzles

This is one of the fun ways to learn more about the faith. Crossword and word search puzzles are still very popular, and these can be used to learn terms and concepts for Catholic trivia, catechetics, history, apologetics, and the various schools of theology. These will be monthly downloadable puzzles, enough to last the entire month.

Got any ideas or suggestions for things Joe Sixpack could develop and provide for you to benefit the souls of your parish…or make your ministry a wee bit better and more productive? Go to the Contact Me! page and let me know about it.